Hong Teck Lyon in France is a lion dance association since 2011. We were debuted with six members, performing to celebrate Lunar New Year.
In the summer of 2013, our member – Mr Nguyen Le Duc Tan has completed a traineeship of lion dance with the Grand Master Siow. His amazing endeavour and great passion has persuaded Master Siow to authorize our team to join the Family of Hong Teck. From then, Hong Teck Lyon promotes the lion dance within cultural activities in Lyon, Villeurbanne and the South of France. Our goal is to introduce this original tradition to everyone.
We produce lion dance performance for many celebrations and ceremonies such as anniversary, wedding, inauguration, opening of events, tournament, etc.


If we could desbribe Hong Teck Lyon in 3 words? – Perseverance : « Together we reach the sky » fulfill the willing of each members of our team. To achieve the goal of professionality in this routine, the solidity and the bravery are not enough. We also need all a lot of energy and patience.

– Ambition: « Unusual successes mean doing unusual thing ». Trying harder, we want to become unique in Europe. We put more effort in to our practical time to improve ourselves. Hard work earns success. We never stop the original training and also encourage this acrobatic movements

– Respect : Respect the others, respect the training place and the equipment. More than that, Hong Teck Lyon represents the oriental culture in each participants and performances in this Western land .