New Year

The beauty of lion dance is not only embellished by its powerful Kungfu movement. Because each performance implicit an ancient story which rooted from Chinese history. That’s why it become a story-teller, showing Asian culture to everyone. We present the plays by parade, cultural events, tournament, etc.

New Year
New Year Ceremony arrive always with the Lion Dance: This is an irreplaceable celebration for a new start fulfil of prosperity and better chance of a new year.

Event / Show
The lions move with rhythm of drum, cymbal, gong and a lively dance of Buddha. The performance are very vibrant that everyone can enjoy it.

For your future wedding ceremony:
The repertories of lion dance are different and entertaining. All the best wishes for the couple will be showed through the performances’ concept: “Happy Wedding of the Dragon and the Phoenix”, “Eternal love”, “Titanium marriage”.

Opening Ceremony / Inauguration
We present all the lion dance performances as the procession or ritual and traditional performances. For example opening ceremony for a competition, tournament or simply an event. The lions bring out prosperity and abundance for new business. Having lions and Buddha celebrating your commencement of business or investment, is all you need to do- Success and Fortune will soon knock on your door.

Lions are symbol of luck and happiness. That’s why their appearance in the ceremony is considered like a fulfilled and fortuned sign.